Are you ready for some streaming? A cord cutting guide to NFL Game Pass.

As an NFL fan, I never thought I would be able to part with my (outrageously priced) cable TV package. After looking at my latest Roger's bill, I decided it was time to explore alternatives. Boy, was I happy that I did!

Even with my expensive cable package, I'd rarely get to watch the game I wanted as I would only get up to three 1pm games even though I had 600+ channels.  Although I don't enjoy watching the Bills lose, I like to watch the game nonetheless.  Purchasing Sunday Ticket was always an option, but I felt like I was paying too much for cable as it was.

Enter NFL Game Pass!

Read on to see how Game Pass allowed me to drop cable but have a better NFL experience than before.


Tablo Sets its Sights on Cord Cutters

Canadian company Nuvyyo is hoping to cash in on the frustration many people have with the cost of cable/satellite TV by launching an over-the-air TV recorder. What's different about Tablo is that it's built from the ground up for the way many cord cutters and millennials already watch most of their TV shows - on a mobile device or streaming set-top box.

On Friday they launched an Indiegogo campaign aimed at rounding up beta testers and early adopters to help shape the product, which is expected to ship in 2014.

What's especially nice for Canadian cord cutters is that the product will support guide data for Canadian TV stations - something you often can't get without doing some wrangling in products aimed at the US market.

Hopefully I'll have more to say about Tablo in the near future, in the meantime, head on over to Indiegogo and show your support: